Marillion - King

Tekst piosenki:

   How long can you stand
  Tightening up
  Avoiding the fight
  Avoiding the truth
  Tighten the smile
  Tighten the lie
  Will you get what you want
  To be cursed with your dreams
  I hope for your sake
  Something gets in the way
  How long can you stand
  Living under the lens
  The kiss of success
  The ensuing, all consuming, mess
  Message of love
  They arrive everyday
  People you touch
  Wasting away
  People you don't know
  Give you no choice
  And you're sick to your stomach
  At the sound of your voice
  And the shape of your face
  And the sound of your name
  They send you pictures of yourself
  It's someone you don't know
  And they call you a genius
  Cause you're easier to sell
  But the fire in your belly
  That gave you the songs
  Is suddenly gone
  And you feel like a fake
  Is that what you want?
  I hope for your sake
  You've got what it takes
  You've got what it takes
  To be spoilt to death.

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