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Marillion - Incommunicado

Tekst piosenki:

   I'd be really pleased to meet you
  if only I could remember your name
  But I got problems with my memory
  ever since I got a winner in the fame game.
  I'm a citizen of Legoland travellin' incommunicado
  And I don't give a damn for the Fleet Street afficionados.
  But I don't want to be
  The backpage interview
  I don't want launderette anonymity.
  I want my handprints in the
  Concrete on Sunset Boulevard
  A dummy in Tussauds
  you'll see.
  I'm a marquee veteran
  A multi-media bonafide celebrity
  I've got an allergy to Perrier
  Daylight and responsebility.
  I'm a rootin'-tootin' cowboy
  A Peter Pan with street credibility
  Always taking the point with
  The dawn patrol fraternity.
  Sometimes it seems like I've been here before
  When I hear opportunity kicking in my door.
  Call it synchronicity
  Call it 'deja vu'
  I just put my faith in destiny
  It's the way that I choose
  But I dont want to be a tin can tied
  To the bumper of a wedding limousine.
  Or currently residing in the where-are-they-now-file
  A toupee on the cabaret scene.
  I wanna do adverts for American Express cards
  Talk shows on prime time TV
  A villa in France
  And my own cocktail bar
  And that's where you're gonna find me.
  Sometimes it seems like I've been here before . . .
  Incommunicado is the only way.

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