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Marillion - Blind curve

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   I. Vocal Under A Bloodlight
  Last night you said I was cold, untouchable
  A lonely piece of action from another town
  I just want to be free, I'm happy to be lonely
  Can't you stay away?
  Just leave me alone with my thoughts
  Just a runaway, just a runaway
  I'm saving myself
  II. Passing Strangers
  Strung out below a necklace of carnival lights
  Cold moan, held on the crest of the night
  I'm too tired to fight.
  So now we're passing strangers, at single tables
  Still trying to get over
  Still trying to write love songs for passing strangers
  All those passing strangers
  And the twinkling lies, all those twinkling lies
  Sparkle with the wet ink on the paper
  III. Mylo
  Oh I remember Toronto when Mylo went down
  And we sat and cried on the phone
  I never felt so alone
  He was the first of our own
  Some of us go down in a blaze of obscurity
  Some of us go down in a haze of publicity
  The price of infamy, the edge of insanity
  Another Holiday Inn, another temporary home
  And an interviewer threatened me with a microphone
  'Talk to me, won't you tell me your stories."
  So I talked about conscience and I talked about pain
  And he looked out the window and it started to rain
  I thought maybe I've already gone crazy
  So I reached for a bottle and he reached for the door
  And I picked up the sleeping pills crushed on the floor
  Inviting me to a casual obscenity.
  IV. Perimeter Walk
  It would be incredible if we could
  Retrace all the times that we lived here
  All the collisions
  Wasted, I've never been so wasted
  I've never been this far out before
  Perimeter walk
  There's a presence here
  I feel could have been ancient,
  I could have been mystical
  There's a presence
  A child, my child
  My childhood, a misplaced childhood
  Give it back to me, give it back to me
  A childhood, that childhood
  Oh please give it back to me.
  V. Threshold
  I saw a war widow in a launderette
  Washing the memories from her husband's clothes
  She had medals pinned to a threadbare greatcoat
  A lump in her throat with cemetery eyes
  I see convoys curbcrawling West German Autobahns
  Trying to pick up a war
  They're going to even the score
  Oh... I can't take any more
  I see black flags on factories
  Soup ladies poised on the lips of the poor
  I see children with vacant stares, destined for rape in the alleyways
  Does anybody care, I can't take any more!
  Should we say goodbye?
  I see priests, politicians?
  Heroes in black plastic body-bags under nations' flags
  I see children pleading with outstretched hands
  Drenched in napalm, this is no Vietnam
  I can't take any more, should we say goodbye
  How can we justify?
  They call us civilised!

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