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Marillion - A legacy

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   When I leave you
  I will leave you
  Things that might not help you
  Things that might
  Problems that I never solved
  Dreams to keep you up at night
  As I leave you
  I will leave you
  Things that stick for ever
  Things that slide
  Mysteries I swallowed whole
  Happiness I couldn't share I will leave you
  Promises I never kept I will leave you
  Stories that I never told
  Principles betrayed or sold
  Love I tried to spread too wide I will leave you
  Muscles you can grow in hate I will leave you
  Summer darkness
  Winter light
  Young mans shame and
  Old mans pride
  When I leave you
  I will hate to leave you
  That's the heat that grows
  With growing old
  So never let me leave you
  Never let me leave you

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