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Marillion - A few words for the dead

Tekst piosenki:

   Can you make it your own
  Can you take it by the throat
  Make your own luck, learn the skills
  Get in early for the kill
  It carries on
  Pick up the weapon
  Marry it, give it your name
  Define yourself by it
  Take it down 'the disco
  Trigger happy, pulling power
  Lady killer, take 'em out
  See the weirdos on the hill
  Come to get you if you stand still
  It carries on
  Somewhere in history you were wronged
  Teach your children to bang the drum
  Tell all your family, tell all your friends
  Teach your brothers to avenge
  It carries on
  Or you could love
  You could love
  Lie down in the flowers
  In the blue of the air
  Open your eyes
  Why use up your life for anything else?
  No need to fight for what everyone has
  What do you need?
  It's already there
  It's already there
  You could love
  So he carried the stars in his pocket
  Drank the sunrise till he was drunk
  He embraced the angels
  They swam like little minnows in his blood
  Ghosts in his eyes
  Out walking beside him
  Laughing like children in his mind
  They chanted his mantra together
  You could love
  They were happy

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