Marc Nelson - Tonight

Tekst piosenki:

  Baby, I understand why
  Maybe you don't think I know
  I see the stain your eyes
  I feel the pain when you cry
  every night, but there is light
  tonight, tonight
  Girl, I know that we have made it hard
  for you to trust a man
  and why should you give your all
  for a man to hurt you again
  Please forgive me for what we have done
  when we were once your sons
  I know that you still love us
  but we must earn your trust
  and baby....
  Baby when we can learn to commit
  To just once queen
  Raise out kids and learn to settle down
  oh, the joy it would bring
  Girl, I know that I never really tried
  But I will, because I'm willing
  Oh yeah....

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