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Marc Nelson - Time to pay

Tekst piosenki:

   She left me, now beg please for my heart
  She's wants to come back to me
  Now he's gone
  you're alone
  Time to pay 'cause you did me wrong
  I was sittin' at a bar thinking
  trying to catch myself
  call me trippin'
  she's loving somebody else
  but I'm too cool
  To let it get me down
  'cause I knew one day
  girl that you'll be back around
  I was workin' at a 9 to 5
  While he was living large
  I was bring the food to your home
  He was giving fancy cars
  Now he's telling you, you have to leave
  sounds like the same thing you said to me
  I'm not the only fool baby
  Tell me why you're at my door
  Why could you not sec before
  tell me what it is he said
  To make you come back to my bed
  Now tell me what
  No tell me girl
  tell me why you're in my world
  got to go, cannot stay
  don't you know it's too late
  I know you've been through many changes
  and I can tell you've never loved someone before
  but baby girl, I just can't take it
  I want you back
  but I've got to say it's over

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