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Marc Nelson - In the dark

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   In The Dark....
  In The Dark....
  In The Dark....
  In The Dark....
  How can I say what's on my mind
  I'll try to find the works this time
  I don't wanna be there alone
  Cause you make my house a happy home
  Loving you is what I need
  baby, just to make my life complete
  you're the one that sees my heart
  all through the day, baby
  and in the dark
  In the dark
  It's the night calling out of passion
  I hear the horps
  Playing the music to the groove
  In the dark
  As your body and mines are sweating
  I see stars
  Baby, lighting the dark
  I'm caught up in this web of time
  cause you're the only thing that's on
  my mind
  It's driving me insane
  That's I love you girl, this way,lady
  cause I was made to please you
  made to tease you
  what would I do without
  I don't want to know
  please don't ever let me go

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