Teksty piosenek / M / Manowar

  Achilles, agony and ecstasy

  All men play on ten

  An American trilogy


  Army of the immortals

  Battle hymn

  Black wind, fire and steel

  Blood of my enemies

  Blood of the kings

  Blow your speakers

  Bridge of death

  Brothers of metal


  Call to arms

  Carry on


  Dark avenger

  Death Hector's reward

  Death tone


  Each dawn i die

  Fast taker

  Fight for freedom

  Fighting the world

  Fight until we die

  Gates of valhalla

  Gloves of metal


  Hail and Kill

  Hail to England

  Hand of doom


  Heart of steel

  Hector's final hour

  Hector storms the wall

  Holy war

  House of death

  I believe

  Kill with power


  Kingdom come

  Kings of metal


  March for revenge

  Masters of the wind

  Metal daze

  Metal warriors

  Number 1


  Pleasure slave

  Return of the warlord


  Ride the dragon

  Secret of steel

  Shell shock

  Sign of the hammer

  Spirit horse of the cherokee

  Swords in the wind

  The crown and the ring

  The dawn of battle

  The death of patroclus

  The demons whip

  The glory of Achilles

  The gods made heavy metal

  The last winged unicorn

  The oath

  The power

  The power of thy sword

  The spirit horse of the cherokee


  Violoence and bloodsheed


  Warriors of the world united

  Warrior's prayer

  Wheels of fire

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