Teksty piosenek / M / Manilla Road


  Atlantis rising

  A touch of madness

  Black cauldron

  Born upon the soul

  Cage of mirrors

  Children of the night

  Crystal logic

  Death by the hammer




  Dig me no grave

  Divine victim


  Dragon star

  Dreams of eschaton

  Enter the warrior

  Far side of the sun

  Flesh and fury

  Flight of the ravens

  Forbidden zone

  Friction in mass

  From beyond

  Hack it off

  Hammer of the witches

  Haunted palace

  Heavy metal to the world


  Hour of the dragon

  In gein we trust

  Into the courts of chaos

  Isle of the dead


  Lux aeterna

  March of the gods

  Masque of the red death




  Midnight meat train

  Murder by degrees



  No sign from above

  No touch

  Open the gates

  Out of control with rock & roll

  Out of the abyss


  Queen of the black coast


  Return of the old ones

  Rites of blood

  Road of kings

  Sea witch

  Seven trumpets


  Shadow in the black

  She's fading

  Siege of Atland



  Spiral castle

  Spirits of the dead

  Taken by storm

  The book of ancients

  The deluge

  The fires of Mars

  The impaler

  The ninth wave

  The prophecy

  The ram

  The riddle master

  The veils of negative existance

  Throne of blood

  Up from the crypt

  Valley of unrest

  War in heaven

  War of the gods

  Weavers of the web


  Witches brew

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki