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Mandaryna - Mueve tu cupero loco

Tekst piosenki:

   Come on join me - everybody
  Come together and have some fun
  All night long we gonna have a party
  All the way until the morning sun
  Shake your hips and get on the dancefloor
  move your body - don't sit around
  to make you sweat / that's what i'm here for
  in our crazy party town
  Mueve tu cuerpo loco
  Chico baila un dos tres
  Mueve tu cuerpo loco
  Baila al ritmo
  Mueve tu cuerpo loco
  Vente, conmigo, siente
  Mueve tu cuerpo loco
  ritmo caliente
  Come right to me - all together
  follow me and feel the heat
  join my dance and you feel better
  take it out into the streets
  up and down let's keep on grooving
  get in touch with evryone
  you and me - forever moving
  we have some fun

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