Teksty piosenek / M / Mandaryna / I feel the rhythm

Mandaryna - I feel the rhythm

Tekst piosenki:

   I feel the rhythm pumping throught my body
  everytime your next to me
   I feel the power running throught my veins and...
   It makes me touch you everywhere
  the sound is up
  the beat won't stop
  and I fly straight into your arms
   I'm burning hot
   and this how it's got to be
  I touch your face
  your warm embrace
  it sends me shivers down my spine
   I know you feel
   the same way and that makes it right
  we dance all night
  I'm burning bright
  the fire fills my heart with love
   straight in your eyes
   I read it how it turns you on
  you take my hand
  I understand
  what you have in your mind for us
   I want to lay
   my body right into your arms

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