Teksty piosenek / M / Maire Brennan

  Against The Wind

  Ageless Messengers

  Ancient Town

  An Fharraige

  A Place Among The Stones

  Atlantic Shore

  Beating Heart

  Big Yellow Taxi

  Bí Liom

  Bí Thusa Mo Shúile (Be Thou My Vision)

  Bright Star

  Cé Leis

  Change My World

  Dream On


  Follow The Word

  Grá Dé

  Hard To Break The Seal

  Heal This Land


  I Believe (Deep Within)

  I Láthair Dé (In God's Presence)

  Is It Now

  Is It Now (theme)

  Jealous Heart

  Land Of Youth (Tir Na nÓg)


  Light On The Hill

  Misty Eyed Adventures

  Mothers Of The Desert

  Na Páistí

  No Easy Way



  Perfect Time

  Pilgrim's Way

  Rinne Tú (You Made)


  Sailing Away

  Show Me

  Show Me (theme)

  Sign From The Hills

  Song Of David


  The Big Rock

  The Days Of The Dancing

  The Mighty One

  The Watchman

  To The Water

  Two Horizons

  Voices Of The Land

  Where I Stand

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