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Magic Dirt - Vulcanella

Tekst piosenki:

   Oh no pretty boy stalactite eyes when I 'm
  surprised flights flying haystacks itchy
  in the night playing rubbing hosting your
  sweat rearing and realising attempts to
  keep you are swift like molastic
  scholastic yells rebels in studio forms
  and gargantuan sustantuan byzantine flys
  hat tricks in the ointment leaving me
  precious in times and tides looking at
  water and watering your cans bees knees
  trusting me in Cantonese I believe you
  love me and I won't falter if you say the
  word leaving it dangling like precious
  pearls going south before the times change
  hinging quickly dreaming of razor teeth
  kisses always clashing white sharks teeth
  bent beneath frozen ice scream vanilla
  pods in your eyes yes yes yes a disguise
  running out of words at birth beneath the
  coolness and dryness and desert rain am I
  old again sitting low window frost going
  lost hidden bully near the sizzling
  hotness veils and veils of you cat eyes
  big eyes green eyes yellow eyes don't
  plague me with those eyes spells and
  charms stay strong young girl inside colt
  of fault and bolting upsized revealing
  your ceiling I could be mean and turn away
  and ignore this feeling I could be afraid
  and make sure I never have to deal with
  you or the feeling from reeling after
  letting myself in could there be hurt and
  I silence the voices in my head that make
  me forget just follow my heart follow your
  heart just follow my heart around like a
  newfoundland pup like a pet I love you for
  ignoring me You think you can make me wait
  here so long Can you make me make me make
  me wait here so long I don't wait here
  that long wait here wait here I'm happy
  now and unhappy tomorrow Are you happy? I
  don't wanna write a song I don't wanna get
  along I don't wanna make it clear could I
  maybe be parallel could they all know how
  I feel can they read my mind is it on
  display stuck out on hinges from barely
  knowing how far this was gonna go little
  did I know little bird head flying around
  your room it's the first time I tried not
  to care and just focus on you I didn't
  plot didn't plan stayed as natural as I
  can maybe you made me nervous is it a
  problem is it like a useless surface
  you'll never be a little beast you'll
  never push my button ooooh I'll learn to
  take the pressure off ya I'll be with you
  shortly give up give in let go step up
  step in give in step on let on light up
  sit straight can't wait It's a stand off
  exactly in ecstasy what a stunning
  likeness you are to me you've got my watch
  on la la la na na na na try not to screw
  your nose up at the idea of cold stones
  and the rush of wet water watcha gonna say
  about it? watcha gonna do? rate you're
  liability for a reflection of your desire
  I'm gonna die soon from this constant
  pursuit it's too short it's too long not
  enough too strong long roses in your bed I
  wanna wear an orange jumper and get my
  aura read in a cave somewhere I don't
  wanna master one I just want 5,000 more
  gimme gimme gimme if you give it I'll take
  it you give it I'll take it I said You
  stayed Not my fault At this stage You're
  channeling You're pummeling crazy thoughts
  burn baby burn I scream under your face
  like a guillotine I can't help it ooooh
  I'm gonna freeze on your knees for weeks I
  can't help it I feel like smashing my head
  on your warm feather bed nothing you said
  can make me wait another day is it too
  romantic if I cover you in sand cos you
  don't like it and it's all coming out now
  like a blueprint machine with graphs of my
  thoughts read by a noble island queen oh
  oh oh oh get it on from the bottom to the
  top I'm obsessed again turning you into
  signs and objects to place and twiddle
  above my head like a hanging mobile happy

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