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Magic Dirt - Rock stars

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   In the corner of the room
  Your eyes start to close
  I've just gotta forget
  All about the summer shows
  What what happens next
  It's only that they're jealous
  You're a genius
  You could care less
  I wonder what all the rock stars are doing today
  Are they reading bibles so they got
  Something to say
  Wanna be like a mystery
  Like you only heard a little bit about me
  Compassion, Inaction
  Out of fashion, Inaction
  They said your futures fallen off
  You got scared when they told you that
  I got what you got
  No matter what time or where you are
  Don't give it up too easily
  Tell it. Confess it
  That you got high status
  You're jealous
  You're fearless
  You're headless
  You're interferin' within it
  My genius
  You're jealous
  Well I can tell you
  I'm careless

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