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Magic Dirt - Plastic loveless letter

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   Not enough hours in my day
  To tell you that you're getting in the way
  Not enough words in my book
  To explain how I got over you
  I feel all cramped up now
  Trapped in this single bed
  Concrete thoughts of you
  Weighing down my head
  Sleeping with my nemesis
  Scattered on the quilt
  My hand is always down my pants
  Guilt guilt guilt
  I want you so much more now
  I miss your bones like hell
  I wish you were beside me
  'Cos now I'm in better health
  I just have to say
  I just can't resist
  I just have to say
  I have to tell you this
  Do you think it's the right time
  Would it make it better
  Don't you think it's the worst time
  To send you this plastic loveless letter
  To send you this
  Plastic loveless letter
  Plastic Loveless Letter

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