Teksty piosenek / M / Mac Dre

  3C romp

  All damn day

  All it takes

  Always inta somethin

  Back 2 da basics

  Back n da hood

  Be about yo doe

  Bleezies-n heem

  Chevs & Fords


  Crest creepers

  Cutthoat committee

  Don't be a punk

  Fast money

  First time i seen her

  Forty two fake

  Game i'm spittin


  Grown shit


  How i got this name

  How yo hood

  I'mma fool

  I need an eighth

  It don't stop

  I've been down

  Iz real

  L.A. 2 da bay

  Let's all get down

  Life's a bitch

  Livin' it

  Mac Dammit and friends

  Mac Dre'vious

  Mac stabber

  Nothin correctable

  Rapper gone bad

  Real niggas

  Sac to the boonies

  Stupid doo doo dumb

  Take yo panties off

  Talk big shit

  Too hard for the fuckin' radio

  Valley Joe

  Young black brotha

  Young playah

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