Battle cry (Tomorrow)

  Be all you can be


  Best friends


  Boss chick

  Callin' me

  Camoflauge love

  Can i ball

  Can u love me

  Cops and robbers


  Father's day


  If it's cool

  Just another thug

  Like before

  Lock down

  Lock down (remix)

  Meet me at the hotel


  Money gets

  Murder murder kill kill

  My brother

  Nobody make a sound



  Put me in tha game

  Shell shocked

  Shell shocked (outro)

  Slow ya roll

  Soldier party

  Still callin' me

  Tank dawgz

  That's hip hop

  The game

  War party

  We deadly

  We don't love 'em


  You never know

Lyrics - Nieruchomości - Torebki