Alle fugler

  Alle hjerter banker

  All hearts beat

  All the birds

  Amiga mia

  Born to try


  Dear Diary

  Det satt to katter


  Don't Mess With My Love

  Don't Say You Love Me

  Do You Know What You Want



  Everything You Do

  Girl In Your Dreams

  Give A Little Love

  Goodbye is the saddest word

  Gubben og gamla


  How strange

  If you see a crocodile

  Is you


  Leave Me Alone

  Love Left For Me

  Mirror Mirror

  Miss Popular

  Not to me

  Our Song

  Papegoye fra Amerika


  Pretty Boy

  Sa rart

  Smiling Face

  Solen er sa rod mor


  Ten little cyclists

  The Day You Went Away

  The Feeling Is Gone

  The greybeard and old hag

  The sun is so red mother

  Three little chinese

  Three little fish

  Ti sma syklister

  Todo lo que haces

  Tre sma fisk

  Tre sma kinesere

  Tuppen and littlemother

  Tuppen og lillemor

  Two cats were sitting

  Wait for me

  Wanna Be Where You Are

  What You Do About Me


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