Teksty piosenek / L / Lucie Silvas / Love you this much

Lucie Silvas - Love you this much

Tekst piosenki:

  I've looked at you a thousand times and only now i see
  everything i hoped to find, staring back at me, like waking up to
  a sunrise, with colours i've not seen before
  When your lying there asleep, i look at you and smile, gives me
  time to stop and think, like i made it all worthwhile, it's so easy
  to forget, i never noticed all the little things you do, that make
  me realise
  Chorus: And i love though it may not show, not sure i ever told
  you so, and now everything that i was looking for has lead me
  right here to your door, i love you this much and more
  woah woah mo-o-o-re, oh-oh-ohhh
  Verse: We know that everything has changed, thats just the way
  we are, we dont know what the future brings, we havent got that
  far, the way i feel remains the same, coz its just the little things
  we say and do that makes us who we are
  Verse: you're beautiful, you're wonderful, you make it all believable
  you're everything my heart can take, now i know that all i feel and
  all i've ever felt was real i've gotta find the words when you're away
  oh yeh yeh yeh more, mo-o-o-o-re

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