Teksty piosenek / L / Lovin' Spoonful

  All new minglewood blues

  Almost grown

  Apple hill

  As long as you're here

  A song a day in Nashville

  Baby, don't ya get crazy

  Bes' friends

  Big road blues

  Black Satin Kid

  Black snake blues

  Bless em all

  Blue suede shoes

  Brown to blue

  Butchie's tune


  Coconut grove


  Darlin' companion

  Darling be home soon

  Day blues


  Didn't want to have to do it

  Did you ever have to make up your mind

  Dixie chicken

  Don't you just know it

  Don't you run with him

  Do you believe in magic

  Face of Appalachia

  Farewell aldebaran

  Fishing blues

  Flying to morning

  Four eyes

  Freezin from the inside out

  Friends again

  Full measure

  Henry Thomas


  Horses on a stick

  How have you been

  I almost lost my mind

  I don't want nobody else

  I had a dream

  I needed her most when i told her to go

  In the still of the night

  It's not time now

  Jug band music

  Jug of wine

  Kansas City

  Let the boy rock and roll

  Link in the chain

  Little bitty pretty one


  Lovin you


  Magical connection

  Me about you

  Mobile line


  Mornin blues

  My baby's walkin with someone new

  Nashville cats

  Never goin back

  Night owl cafe

  One more time

  One step forward, two steps back

  Only yesterday

  On the road again

  Other side of this life

  Priscilla millionaira


  Rainbows all over your blues

  Rain on the roof


  Red eye express

  Revolution 69

  Rooty toot

  Run with you



  She is still a mystery

  She's a lady

  She's funny

  Singin the blues

  Sitting in limbo

  Six o'clock

  Smokey don't go


  Someone standing in your door


  Sportin' life

  Statesboro blues


  St. Nicholas hall

  Stories we could tell

  Summer in the city

  Sweet muse

  Tar beach

  The room nobody lives in

  Three ravens

  Trying to keep the balls in the air

  Voodoo in my basement

  Waiting for a train

  Warm baby

  Welcome back

  We'll see

  Well, well, well

  Western wisconsin

  What a dream for a daydream

  What she thinks about

  Wild about my lovin

  Wildwood flower


  Write me a few lines

  You and me go way back

  You baby

  You didn't have to be so nice

  You go your way and i'll go mine

  Younger generation

  Younger girl

  You're a big boy now

  You talk too much

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