Teksty piosenek / L / Los Lobos

  All i wanted to do was dance

  A matter of time

  Cancion del mariachi

  Can't stop the rain

  Colossal head

  Come on let's go



  Don't worry baby


  Everybody loves a train

  High places

  I got loaded

  I got to let you know

  Is this all there is

  La bamba

  La playa

  Life is good

  Little Japan

  Manny's bones


  Mas y mas

  My baby's gone

  Oh yeah

  One time, one night

  Our last night

  Prenda del alma


  River of fools

  Run away with you

  Serenata nortena

  Set me free

  Shakin' shakin' shakes

  Some say, some do

  Tears of god

  The breakdown

  The hardest time

  The mess we're in

  This bird's gonna fly

  This time

  Turn around

  Why we wish

  Will the wolf survive

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