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Looptroop - Last song

Tekst piosenki:

   [Verse 1: Promoe]
  I write with a great vengeance
  Sort of like I'm innocent, facing a death sentence
  Like I might not even finish my next sentence
  Like all I got left to live is ten seconds
  The clock's ticking, this could be my last song
  My last will if you will before I pass on
  I'd like to pass on some words that'd last long
  and mean something even after rap's gone
  Despite all the wickedness in the wilderness
  and the fact that my life kinda been a mess
  If I die tomorrow, I feel no bitterness
  No sorrow and not one bit of stress
  I'm feeling blessed that I made it this far
  My 26th year, my 14th bar
  I see the sunshine, feel the bassline
  Listen to it, telling us not to waste time 'cause..
  [Chorus: Ranto *sung*]
  [R] If I die tomorrow
  [P] and this was my last song
  I would
  [R] feel no kind of sorrow
  [P] Nah, I would shatter no tears, but
  [R] I'd smile at my memories
  [P] Yes I, how you feel Supreme?
  [R] and pray for my enemies
  [S] Feeling good, P
  [Verse 2: Supreme]
  Man, tough I'm sad, I had to go and all
  I'm so glad I got to know you all
  Don't feel bad, I hope I told you all
  We had one hell of a ride so far
  If I did die (oh Lord), no need to cry (oh Lord)
  'Cause I've been around
  I've been around friends who's been around since
  my story begins, seen my flaws and sins
  I had the women (loved them all)
  Most the bads was my fault
  Hope you forgive me and remember me by our happiest memories
  I tend to be afraid to give me heart away (but you was my light)
  And if it's dark today, I know you'll rise and shine someway
  I went away on my way up, but that's a good way to leave
  Believe me when I say: "You made it easy being me."
  (R: so easy-ah)
  Darling you made it easy being me
  Ranto, help me out
  (R: uuuh, so easy-ah, I want to thank you)
  [Chorus w/ variations]
  [Verse 3: Supreme + Promoe]
  And mom, you taught me how to see things from the bright side
  That's why my brother survived, why you and dad stayed tight
  Though you divorced and broke up, now I ran out of luck
  But I know you grow stronger when the going gets tough
  Hope I made you proud, hope you didn't worry too much
  about my drinking and drugs, it never came between us
  Didn't keep no secrets, I always told you about stuff
  And I know you know I love you and to me that's enough
  So if I die rich and famous in the hall of fame
  or in a prison nameless with a ball and chain
  Sky high above the clouds and the falling rain
  Making love to my woman, hear her call my name
  or banging my head against a brick wall in pain
  If the last days of my life I was called insane
  it's all love 'cause it's all the same
  And if I'd get a new life, nothing at all I'd change
  [Chorus w/ variations]
  [Verse 4: Supreme + Promoe]
  I wouldn't undo if I could.. hell, maybe I should
  But it's one life to live, one love, it's all good
  Think I did okay, at least enjoyed it while it lasted
  Think 'bout how we laughed, shit, I'm smiling in my casket
  Though I may have caused some beefs
  and indeed I regret all
  May have pissed off my peeps
  Best believe I won't forget y'all
  When I'm chilling in hip-hop heaven or spitting burners in hell
  Hope you got your health and you're at peace with yourself
  Became older and wiser, I hope you toast to my name
  I sit beside you guys even tough my bones in the grave
  I got so much more to say but this the end of the song
  So just rewind the tape and don't mind singing along
  Come on!
  [Chorus w/ variations]
  [Outro 2x: Ranto *sung*]
  If this was the last song
  and these were the last days
  If the show really can't go on
  then I'm catching the train
  (and I'll be gone)

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