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Looptroop - Ambush in the night

Tekst piosenki:

   Graffiti vandals can be hard to catch" "It's a huge problem"
  "All out war on graffiti" "Two out of every three cans were stolen,
  out of your typical neighbourhood store" "And what happens to the
  kids convicted of graffiti offences"
  Refrain x2: Crime scene colon these cold streets you patrol on
  Trying to get a hold on kids strapped with Krylon
  scratches: Vandal squad on my case Getting chased, raided but
  mostly getting shit painted
  Promoe: Yo, It was me and Suer, right. On a tuesday night Had green,
  brown, black, two blue shades and white Cosmic stayed home but BIF
  crew stay tight Staking out the steel dragon for a true spray fight
  In other words a backjump Wishing that we wouldn't bump into them
  wack chumps Cause the lay-ups getting crowded after sunset Which is
  cool but get in line cause it ain't your fucking turn yet Gotta burn
  shit can't come up with no lame style piece If you wanna tame the
  wild beast Had better burn murder the red worm Spread germs in the
  system to make heads turn And snap necks at the central stations
  Young kids making cops run like mental patients Don't they know that
  graffiti can't be stopped Writers unlike rappers can't go pop So
  they stay underground till the day graff is legalized Civil eyes
  look upon us as evil guys Though we trod one away on third rails in
  front of metal giants Death defiant to cops we keep lying In the
  bushes ambushes being plotted Clean trains being spotted signed like
  there was dotted Lines on the sides of the iron monsters
  Representing VK Mafia, call us bombsters
  Samples: "This is what the detectives are gonna consider a bombing.
  Where they take a specific chunk of a neighbourhood and they
  absolutely destroy it."
  Refrain x2
  Supreme: They just run off like we was teflon by the blink of an eye
  they gone Didn't fit in the soccer team as kids so they started out
  wrong That makes sense that's why they started to bomb Behind bars
  is where they really belong
  It's like a life style for these teens they all wear hooded
  sweatshirts Listen to rap music move in criminal networks They're
  mainly from the suburbs socially dysfunctional A young graffiti
  writer soon a fullfeathered criminal
  Our chances are minimal to lead 'em back to the right side of the
  track They refer to legal as wack They lack respect for authority,
  for taxpayers
  Their own parents pay this it's 'bout the papers They're supposed
  to be decent yes sayers But now they trash like punkrocks and
  ravers Hellraisers raised by failures and fools What we need is
  some rules in the public schools Cause this make us look bad and
  by the end of the day That's what really matters the people in
  charge say They need the public to believe everything's working
  all right What they don't know wont hurt 'em right I mean on one
  hand it's not that dangerous but it looks bad on the other And the
  voters are stupid they judge the book by its cover
  Refrain: Crime scene colon these cold streets we patrol on Trying to
  get a hold on kids strapped with Krylon Samples: "Establish a
  graffiti police unit to combat the problem" "Crack down on graffiti"
  Crime scene colon these cold streets you patrol on Trying to get a
  hold on us kids strapped with Krylon
  Cosmic: But for too long people believed in your fiction That
  graffers came from broken homes with drug addictions Get the
  picture, it's a mixture of four ingredients Kept alive by cats who
  truly believe in them I won't be naming them but this one in this
  time Is still non-sellout maybe that's why it's still a crime How
  many real graff writers we got here tonight? Pump your fist for what
  you believe is right
  These northern light MC characters Wont take any shit from suckers
  with pockets packed with badgets Still the baddest in any weather in
  any season Whether political or for the fuck of it reasons Teasin'
  society like a spot in your rear This generation heroes nightshift
  Refrain: Crime scene colon these cold streets you patrol on Trying
  to get a hold on kids strapped with Krylon
  scratches: Vandal squad on my case Getting chased, raided but mostly
  getting shit painted
  Crime scene colon these cold streets you patrol on Trying to get a
  hold on kids strapped with Belton
  scratches: Getting chased, raided but mostly getting shit painted
  Ey yo graff can't be faded
  Samples: "Kids don't think that graffiti is a crime. They need to
  understand that personal property belongs to other people, and they
  don't have a right to damage it"

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