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Loft - Life is a game

Tekst piosenki:

   Life is a game, life is a fight
  Forever in love you're on the run
  Life is a game, life is a fight
  You teach me what's right and you teach me what's wrong
  Wherever I go, whatever I do
  All that I want is to be with you
  Life is a game, life is a fight
  Forever in love we're singing the song
  Life is a fight and life is a game
  So hang on it here and don't complain
  Sometimes sun and sometimes it rains
  So many walls like I can't explain
  So keep on jumping right off the lane
  Life goes on like a tamous brain
  If you try... don't give up... right once again
  Watch out... out who's got the lane
  Don't stop move... reach...
  ...move frame by frame
  If you don't try you have no one to blame
  ... lose game
  Don't get too wild when you can't pretend
  Really.. life is a game
  Fight for the things that money can't buy
  Reach for the lib... and the...
  Fight that so don't ask me why
  Get off .... so shy
  ... the time goes by
  See the thing...
  But I've never heard... sky
  ... rasta...
  Cosmic fight so make me fly high
  Send all requests ...
  I fight and I fight and I wait for a ply
  Take a more look you'll see...
  Take a ...
  No ...
  Life... Don't let it pass by

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