Teksty piosenek / L / Local Heroes

  5th ave crazy


  All the kids are right

  Back in the day

  Bag of hammers

  Bound for the floor

  Bryn-mawr stomp

  Cha said the Kitty

  Chicago fanphair 93

  Cool magnet

  Creature comforted


  Deep cut

  Eddie Vedder

  Fine and good

  Freeze dried

  Fritz's corner



  Hands on the bible

  High-fiving MF

  Hit the skids

  I saw what you did and i know who you are

  Keep your girlfriend

  Laminate man

  Lead pipe cinch

  Let love be your energy

  Lovey dovey

  Lucky time

  Manifest density pt. 1

  Manifest density pt. 2


  Mayonnaise and Malaise

  No problem

  Nothing special


  Rock & roll professionals


  She hates my job

  Skid marks

  Son of cha

  Sports bar


  Tame me


  What can i tell you

  What would you have me do

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