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Lloyd Banks - I'm into you D da ghost

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  Lloyd Banks, D Da Ghost
  this twin don't unda-stand,
  (D Da Ghost)
  shortie I ain't a pretty-boy,ma-mi I am a thug,
  but she does not understand, come back then wanna fuck,
  i gots to love her, which makes it harder for us,
  too accept her as my chick, she tries to tear up my whip,
  (and..) i'm in tha crib, she's thinkin' i'm with a bitch,
  (trin' ta..) put everything that i got in tha shit,
  (She needs ta..) understand i aint triin' ta fuck her ova see,
  it's hard tta cheat on her after she's into me,
  ma-mi i'm not ya average nigga i'm into love,
  i'm chokin' on my thug,
  that way 'D' can be tha judge,
  see i can tell by ya gut,
  if you have babies a lil' bit too much,
  (and..) say i fuck her play little trickss in tha night,
  fell in love every since tha 1st time you stepped in my life,
  my big sista tell me what love will make you do,
  (but...) fuck them girls mami i'm into you,
  tell me what you want, baby i'll give it up,
  coped an iced out ring,precious diiamond cut,
  (and..) you love tha dick, but shortie i love ta nut,
  Baggy jeans and phat kicks,
  bitch's on my dick,
  (and..) i love ya style,personality and ya mind,
  plus you hold it down for tha kid everytime,
  (that i...) slip up and end up in thha red zone,
  ma-mi i love you, but you also got ya manz home,
  ma-mi i keep it real with marriage on my hand,
  puttin' karrots on ya hand,
  that way i can be tha man,
  comin' home with 40 or 50 grand,
  niggaz keep on cumin' alwayz wantin' you,
  (but...) too bad their short cuz ma-mi i'm into you!!

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