Teksty piosenek / L / Liz Phair


  Alice springs

  Animal girl

  Baby got going

  Bars of the bed


  Beginning to see the light

  Beg me

  Big tall man

  Bionic Eyes

  Black market white baby dealer

  Blood keeper



  Can't get out of what i'm into



  Cinco de mayo

  Combo platter

  Conversation overheard between two bouncers

  Crater lake

  Dance of the seven veils

  Dead shark

  Divorce song

  Dogs of L.A

  Don't apologize

  Don't have time


  Do you love me


  Elvis be true

  Errecting a movie star

  Explain it to me


  Extraordinary (deutsche)


  Fantasize (deutsche)


  Fire up the batmobile



  Flower (deutsche)

  Freak of nature

  Friend Of Mine

  Fuck and run

  Fuck or die

  Girls girls girls

  Girls room

  Give me my boyfriend back


  Good love never dies

  Good Love Never Dies (Alternate Mix)

  Go on ahead

  Go, speed racer

  Go west

  Greased lightning



  Hello, sailor

  Help me, Mary

  Hot white cum (deutsche)

  Hurricane Cindy


  If i ever pay you back

  I know it's not easy

  I'll get you high

  In love with yourself

  It's not that easy

  It's Sweet


  Johnny feel good

  Johnny sunshine

  Little Digger

  Love / Hate

  Love hate

  Love hate transmission

  Love is nothing

  May Queen


  Miss Lucy



  Never said

  Oh my god

  One less thing

  Only son

  Perfect world

  Polyester bride

  Red Light Fever


  Rocked boy

  Rock Me

  See the light



  Shitloads of money

  Soap star Joe

  South Dakota

  Strange loop


  Stratford on guy

  Stuck on an island


  Support system

  Take A Look

  Tell me you like me

  Thats the way i like it

  The tra la la song

  Turning Japanese

  Uncle Alvarez


  What makes you a slave

  What makes you happy

  Whip smart

  White bird of Texas

  White chocolate space egg

  Why Can't I?

  Wild thing

  X-Ray man

  You have no idea

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