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Live - Tired of me

Tekst piosenki:

   You say "Hold on to the reigns"
  I say "Let them go tonight"
  My brain waves
  Confused between what is and ain't
  She cries "Groundless and free"
  Tired of the water Tired of the wine
  Tired of the future
  Tired of time
  Tired of the madness
  Tired of the steel
  Tired of the violence
  Tired of me
  Used steel
  Used steel am I
  What was pliable in love
  Is now hard and crystallized
  The intellect is fine
  For counting money
  And recalling times
  That she cried,
  "Groundless and free"
  Hope is a letter that never arrives
  Delivered by the postman of my fear

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