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Live - Rattlesnake

Tekst piosenki:

let's go hang out in a mall, or a morgue,
  a smorgasboard
  let's go hang out in a church
  we'll go find lurch
  then we'll haul ass down through the abbey
  is it money, is it fame
  what's in a name, shame?
  is it money, is it fame
  or were they always this lame?
  it's a crazy, crazy mixed up town
  but it's the rattlesnake i fear
  in another place, in another time
  i'd be drivin' trucks my dear
  i'd be skinnin' hunted deer
  let's go hang out in a bar
  it's not too far
  we'll take my car
  we'll lay flowers at the grave of jesco white
  the sinner's saint
  the rack is full and so are we
  of laughing gas and ennui

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