10.000 Years

  10,000 Years (Peace Is Now)

  All Over You

  Ball And Chain

  Bring The People Together

  Brothers Unaware

  Call Me A Fool


  Dance with you

  Dance With You

  Deep Enough

  Everytime I See Your Face

  Every time i see your face

  Face and ghost

  Face And Ghost (The Children's Song)

  Feel The Quiet River Rage


  Forever May Not Be Long Enough


  Gas Hed Goes West


  Good Pain

  Good Pain




  Hero Of Love



  I Alone

  Insomnia And The Hole In The Universe


  Lakini's Juice


  Life Marches On


  Lightning Crashes

  Like A Soldier

  Like I Do



  Mirror Song

  Morning Humour

  Mother Earth Is A Vicious Crowd

  Nobody Knows


  Operation spirit

  Operation Spirit (The Tyranny Of Traditi

  Out To Dry


  Pain Lies On The Riverside

  Paper Flowers

  People Like You

  Pillar Of Davidson

  Raising A Man


  River Town

  Run Away

  Run to the water

  Run To The Water

  Run to the water (deutsche)

  Sanctity Of Dreams

  Saviour For A Day

  Selling The Drama


  Shit town

  Shit Towne

  Simple Creed





  Sweet Release

  Take My Anthem

  The Beauty Of Gray

  The Dam At Otter Creek

  The Distance

  The dolphin's cry

  The Dolphin's Cry

  The dolphins cry (deutsche)

  The Hands Of A Teacher

  The Ride

  The sanctity of dreams

  They stood up for love

  They Stood Up For Love

  Tibetan book of dead

  Tibetan Book Of The Dead (T.B.D.)

  Tired Of "Me"

  Tired of me


  Transmit Your Love

  Turn My Head


  Vodoo lady

  Voodoo Lady



  We walk in a dream

  We Walk In The Dream

  What Are We Fighting For?

  Where Fishes Go

  White, Discussion

  Who Put Fear In Here?

  You Are The World

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