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Little League - Scared To Lose

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I can honestly say I felt you. I had givin' up on you, waiting for so long. Assuming you would never come. I tripped over you once before. And my timing was nothing more than horrible and now that I found you if I can just hold on. Please wait, I'm wrong. Have I put this onto you? I'm asking stupid questions that you don't have to answer to. But you wait. And you look. I guess I'm just scared to lose the smell that fills my room so beautifully. So I spent the day just thinking about you. And all the things you said to keep me from, pounding through my bed. It wasn't hard to see. It wasn't hard to realize. That you love me for me. And that you will always be. Please wait. I was wrong to put this onto you. I'll keep my eyes wide open. And leave my walls alone. And you wait and you say... You can't be scared to lose 'cause you know the way you need me is the way I need you.The way you need me is the way I need you...scared to lose. Life feels so out of tune, I wish I could reach in my pocket and pull out a piece I broke off of you.

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