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Lisa Maffia - Wrong guys

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   Lisa Maffia
  The Thug Angel
  dan da man
  I’ve been with this guy for about 10 months
  and I trusted him yeah
  at first he was all so good to me
  he was always doing things
  like shopping and dropping and all the things he used to do for me
  but now his running off ends smelling too sweet to be rolling with his friends
  don’t wanna enter your phone
  and leaving me home alone
  I’m stressing where have you been
  its like a mystery scene
  had too much doubts on my back
  In fact why am I taking lies like that
  I think we’re with the wrong guys
  been messin with the wrong guys
  I think we’re with the wrong guys
  been cryin for the wrong guys
  What he don’t know is there’s a new man on the scene
  keeping choices open deep offerings
  cos he’s giving us nicest surprises and hugs without crisis’ on the edge for me contemplating that I like what I see
  always telling me what I wanna hear
  never switched his moves like my boyfriend used to
  cos he never got sex when he wants to
  when you’re out creeping no matter now meeting the thugs that ain’t cheating
  change or we’ll be leaving
  uh huh this thugs got me hooked from head to toe
  let me show how we roll when we flow don’t wanna let him go
  oh no
  [Chorus x2]
  Listen punk
  I’ll treat your chick much better
  she needs another brother with more cheddar
  she needs someone else that suits her better
  not just the poor man we know well
  how did you leave your wife on the shelf to get dusty
  can’t do it cos your things crusty
  trust me told me when she sold you so I told you
  furthermore I should expose you
  you’re too quick on the counting
  I’m still puzzled why she chose you
  [Chorus x2]
  You know what thug
  you having it no more
  no we ain’t putting up with it
  no more
  you know what I saw
  hang on a minute
  we’re gonna have so much fun

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