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Lisa Maffia - Super freak

Tekst piosenki:

   We make platinum hits x3
  Lisa 2003
  the first lady
  uh there she goes
  Who are you superfreak
  living with your mummy and daddy
  no cash no ice no whim
  you’ll never fly so live with it
  who are you superfreak
  living with your mummy and daddy
  no cash no ice no whim
  you’ll never have the chicks so freak
  I’m gonna tell you a little story about a superfreak
  I was there sipping a crystal in my mothers seat
  put my phone on silence cos I cant stand a superfreak
  wait freak you cant see me
  close your eyes despising what you be
  makes me sitting here with your fantasies
  to me your talk is cheap
  a misery is what you are to me
  so close I find it hard to breathe
  what you have is nothing new to me
  in the street your flows are weak
  let me tell you about a song by me
  don’t keep don’t creep
  so let me call the police
  you’ll have to leave change talking to me
  I’ve got somewhere else to be
  What do you want you crazy superfreak
  the future you had before these fantasies
  ill never be your lady freak
  I want someone that aint someone happy freak
  stop calling me freak freak
  don’t bother me
  you don’t know me
  maffia got the firm behind me
  I wanna know how you’re coming along
  where the hell did you get my number from
  leaving talks on my answer phone
  you know my man and home
  she asks do you wanna
  she said she wanna
  whether we’re gonna
  all summer we got a chick that’ll do anything for me
  and she knows I don’t even love her
  I just uh when I wanna feel it proper
  I aint gonna make you sound
  got three chicks that’ll hold me down
  literally then they put their faces down
  I don’t play so there’s no time for chasin round
  I just wanna see you naked now
  I just wanna get in the bed you can take it now
  You said you wanna freak
  yeah we can freak it out
  I’m a one minute man that means I’m in and out
  but then I run back in it man
  I aint pee but the girls say I hold no limits
  plus throw no gimmicks
  like the way I want it when I rode up tinted
  plus the soviet on mtv base my face spitting
  and she’s gotta give me facial or we aint kissing
  and shes gotta get replaced cos the gap in our age difference
  I need a young freak
  that I can teach to wake me up
  to bed and breakfast every day of the week
  [Chorus x2]

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