Teksty piosenek / L / Lisa Maffia / Out of my life

Lisa Maffia - Out of my life

Tekst piosenki:

  Just go just go
  Walk out of my life
  walk out my life boy just go
  don't need you no more (no more)
  walk out of my life
  (Chorus) x2
  All you want is my money my house and my car
  all you want is my life if I open up the door
  I got the key to my success
  you all can't stop me I'm just too far ahead
  there's no time wastin I got too far to go
  my boys are behind me they'll always be there
  I had to show them I couldn't keep on cryin
  I saw you kissin that girl with the curly hair
  Boy don't deny that girl my friends were there
  I could've left with someone don't worry who
  But he would treat me better, better than you
  That's why I don't need no one, no one like you
  Look what ya done boy
  broke your heart
  There's no more love here don't ya see
  I'll be fine, young and free
  There's so much more ahead just for me
  I don't rely on no one to keep me happy
  I'll carry on and hope that we never meet
  I'll have to stop this
  I've gotta keep on fightin
  My money will pay for me
  OK with me
  Chorus to fade

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