Lisa Maffia - Down

Tekst piosenki:

   Fed up with those lying cheating boys
  fed up with those hating feisty girls
  fed up with those cold and rainy days
  why do I feel this way
  it took me waiting up so long
  for a good day to come along
  need to be having lots of fun
  like life has just begun
  Cant take no more of this
  oh no x8
  Fed up of being broke but now I’m rich
  just as much problems make me sick
  wondering why they rush around
  hate to be pushed or pulling me down.
  Fed up with problems I will face
  fed up with cheaters in this race
  why don’t they live their life in peace
  and let the happiness increase
  tired of walking from place to place
  innocent lives just being erased
  family dying on my screen
  hope I’m sleeping it’s a dream
  teenage life mixed up in the streets
  feeling so sad I feel defeat
  but I must keep on going on
  to show my daughter I am strong.
  [Chorus x8]
  No no no (repeat)

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