Lisa Left Eye Lopes - Friends

Tekst piosenki:

   This one right here
  Goes out to everybody
  And it doesn't matter who you are
  Cuz I know that everybody
  Has a friend (friend)
  What defines a friend
  The meaning where does it lie?
  In the mind
  In the money
  In the face
  In in the eyes
  In the days and the nights
  Well what is a friend
  Do you love it and leave it
  Again and again?
  Now our story begins
  Of two little friends
  You would've thought they were twins
  Would've thought they was kin
  Wouldn't think they could manage
  All the time they would spend
  For each other they'd fend
  For their friends till the end
  And their mothers know mothers
  Sisters know brothers
  Mothers know fathers
  Sons know their daughters
  Blood thicker than water
  If one had 50 cents
  They'd both have a quarter
  It only makes sense
  That destined love was in order
  They grew up together
  From pre-K to high school
  Winters in the snow
  Summers in the pool
  He's an athlete
  She's an actress
  But hormones would lead them to the mattress
  I thought you were my friend (friend)
  Together through thick and thin (friend)
  Like it we were
  All the things that we've been through
  I put so much trust in you
  Back then (friend)
  Now what kind of friend
  Could you have been
  Not furious just curious
  She saw himself fit
  Who better than a boy
  The girl grew up with
  How 'bout all the walks in the park
  On the phone all night
  Dreams like that she saw in plain sight
  To his friends he's urgin'
  The simple fact she's a virgin
  To her he'll be urgin'
  Sexually lets merge
  As you can see
  There's two different dreams
  Her thoughts are so pure
  His low as the floor
  She's lookin'
  He's gawkin'
  They're walkin' and talkin'
  About a new stage and phase
  That they should embark in
  So it came to that night
  No dinner no candlelight
  The female exhales
  Somethin' doesn't feel right
  She said it polite
  Honey please not tonight
  He didn't get in it
  So he got real malignant
  He hit her
  It hurt
  Her breath got suspended
  Then he looked at his work
  Not feelin' so splendid
  Their meeting had ended
  Feelin' offended
  He went and attended
  A counselin' session
  Now life is a lesson
  Full of questions
  Why we drown down
  Rather than manifestin'
  Went to his friend
  Right from the beginnin'
  With tears in his eyes
  Said I apologize
  She much obliged
  Made amends
  Once again
  They're friends to the end
  Yeah it was true love again
  As transparent as lens
  As apparent as kin
  What defines a friend
  Where does it lie
  In the mind
  In the money
  In the face
  In the eyes
  In the days and the nights
  What is a friend
  Do you love and leave it
  Again and again
  In the time
  In the sadness
  In the hurt
  In the pride
  It's the person dispersin'
  Through the hands of time
  Oh oh
  I thought you were my friend
  What kind of friend?
  What kind of friend?

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