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Liquido - What's next

Tekst piosenki:

   Hate me
  if you want to
  and just love if itīs me you need to run to
  feed me
  with you fingers
  at the places where we to be to linger in oblivion
  what has arisen
  is it smatterings but splatterings
  of wisdom?
  and tell me
  ībout your lovers
  and your loneliness thatīs killing you
  when otherones have let you down
  thought of you again
  that time
  when you where a friend
  a friend of mine
  waiting for your call
  whatīs next?
  heading for a fall
  chew me
  you donīt swallow
  but you spit me out
  and leave me kind of hollow
  inhale me
  breathing softly
  and then cough again and laugh again
  and slowly I will fade away
  I ainīt fallin`
  imagining your voice when you are calling
  touch me
  like a virgin
  being sexual and sensual and urgently in need of....

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