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Liquido - The opera

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   Well,get it done and close the door
  I`ll be alright. You couldn`t choose but did quite well. Increasingly. Your plan became more radical. Though I can try it`s not my way. Not mine at all. The scenery was losing its bright coloring. Confirming you to quit that soon. To all intests and purposes you`ve always been adventurous.Developed in the womb. So be aware.
  And take your bow and know where you belong. You`ll be. Leaving your old friends. As you`re heading for the opera. Audience material. You`ll be. Making many friends. As you`re heading for america. Place of mass hysteria. Your reticence I didn`t mind. I hear it still. A fortaste of what is to come. I`ll miss you.You`re beautiful and eloquent. So take your best dress. The chances for you look quite good now. So take it. The way it goes. Hopefully you`ll be yourself when you return. Considering the way it went. Be mine again. And I won`t have for so long....

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