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Lindsay Lohan - What are you waiting for

Tekst piosenki:

   Sometimes, I get that overwhelming feeling,
  So sad the
  Faces on TV,
  If i try to make a difference would it help anyway,
  Then i stop and to myself i say
  So you wanna change the world,
  What are you waiting for,
  Say your gunna start right now,
  What are you waiting for,
  It only takes one voice,
  So come on now and shout it out,
  Give a little more,
  What are you waiting for,
  Sometimes, I feel a little helpless,
  Seems like (well) I can't do a thing,
  But anything is possible,
  Just you want and see,
  Good things happen,
  If you Just believe,
  [Refrain 1x]
  Someday, somehow, I'm gunna take that step,
  Cause time is tickin away,
  Right here,
  Right now,
  Before it's to late,
  Gunna face tomorrow today,
  (Don't wait,
  Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
  [Refrain 2x]

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