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Lindsay Lohan - Symptons of you

Tekst piosenki:

   There a good kind of pain
  and insane kinda sane (when I'm around you 2x)
  There a chill in the heat
  Feel the sky at my feet cuz I adore you
  I cant ignore you
  I'm not ill I don't need to
  take a pill to fix what you do
  Cure can come through
  cuz baby all I do is suffer from
  The symptoms of you
  There is a left kinda right
  There is a blind kinda sight
  looking at you 2x
  There is no light in the moon and its winter in June
  When I'm without you 2x
  And it trips me off my feet
  I think I'm falling in too deep
  Do you feel it too
  Chorus 2x

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