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Lil Zane - Hardball

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Throw me the ball and watch me what I do with it
  We got Bow Wow in the house
  My man Lil' Zane, Lil' Wayne, Sammie sang to me
  [Chorus 1: (Sammie)]
  Strike one, got you by surprise
  Strike two, right before your eyes
  Pitch three, this ones to the wall
  Ain't no game like a game of Hardball
  [Verse 1: Lil' Bow Wow]
  When I step to the plate the outfielders get back (back)
  Cuz they know I'm the only tight for dogs
  So many back to back hits they call me little Sammie Sosa
  Bubble gum, balled up all the hustlers
  Y'all know how to work it when it's time to compete
  On the field, on the court, over any high steep
  And break, and you know it when you see your clone
  And right now that's all I see goin on, holla at me
  Game time, all I think about is bringing home the trophy
  If your team is better mine, you really gotta show me
  Really gotta beat me, really gotta trash talk
  Mistreat me, and send my squad back home
  Cuz I don't know loose to much
  Matter fact, I ain't never lost at all
  When I'm playin Hardball (that's right)
  So, if you on the mound about to pitch to me
  Understand I'm like Griffin, I keep 'em to the wall
  [Chorus 2: (Sammie)]
  Strike one, got you by surprise
  Strike two, right before your eyes
  Strike three, ohh I got you out
  Without a doubt, I got you out
  Strike one, got you by surprise
  Strike two, right before your eyes
  Pitch three, this ones to the wall
  Ain't no game like a game of Hardball
  [Verse 2: Lil' Zane]
  This goes out to them jocks that stay on my jock, throwin the pop
  Keep pithcin 'em, I'm in the kitchen makin radio rock
  It's usually preferred, I be choosey with all my words
  Throwin eggs at them chicken heads, bangin on the curb
  I left 'em a word, I'm fast ballen with a curb
  Happy slidin home, tellin them friends that's in the third
  Sure ya done heard, who I'm doing and what I'm doin was false
  And what's true, girl listen
  When it comes to this game they call me Zane McGregor
  That other kid was just a mark, so I made him retire
  See, we all got a base, and we hold our own
  But when I come up to bat, we all goin come home
  And our fans cheers us, cuz they know what the drill goin
  Out of the field and into your automobile
  And I hope it ain't your Range Rover, that you spent your change over
  I'm in the dug with my tounge out play the game over
  [Chorus 2: (Sammie)]
  [Verse 3: Lil' Wayne]
  Listen, listen, listen
  They call me young Wheezy, Rodregous
  You know I'm gettin you hot, hot as the Kendrick, ya know
  And I keep the crown bat swingin, swingin that at iron
  Pitch on the block like monaural
  To bad for TV, you won't see me I'm ridin the streets
  I'm a hustler, people, my life in the streets
  Watch the game, get you life in the streets
  My watch, my chain, and my teeth Cost
  That way I will never cheap talk
  And I call my mommy sweat heart, she call me sweet daddy
  And she gladly, loves the way that daddy batty, yeah baby
  Whezzy Wee is a playa baby, and I don't share babies
  So if you searchin for some bitch ain't nothin here, baby
  Catch me throwin an eighty in the latest Bentley
  Goin out, and Whezzy never hit a foul, a Hot Guy
  Does hip-hop flyies are knockin up, out the park
  And after the game we gone meet up after dark
  [Chorus 2: repeat 2x (Sammie)]
  Lil' Bow Wow, Lil' Zane, Lil' Wayne, Lil' Sammie
  The Little Rascals, and me y'all know my name

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