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LIL' WYTE - Get High To This

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[Intro: DJ Paul]
  yea-yea Chuch ya'khamsayn
  Once again it's on baby, y'all know what time it is
  I know it'sa shame ya'khamsayn,
  You gatta actually killa a mothafucka out here
  Just ta let a nigga now you ain't playin' with him
  And you ain't bullshittin' - yea that's some knowledge fa y'all
  Na'...we gon' get y'all inta this new artist
  His new ass - Lil' Wyte, this boy raw...
  [Chorus 8x - (DJ Paul) plays in the background]
  Get high to this shit - I'm high as a mothafucka
  [DJ Paul]
  Alotta rappers rap gangsta shit but they ain't did nothing
  DJ Paul - Lord Inf'...Crunchy Blac fa real bussen
  We done rolled down on niggaz, we done let them gats burst
  We done seen niggaz blood leak clean through they shirt
  I ain't lying too ya boys when I said that cha'll get did
  Man I keep me some hungry niggaz ready ta spit the wig
  Of a fake solid nigga, hoes lying in they wraps
  Cuz they never shot guns and they never had ta scrap
  [Juicy J]
  He wore a vest so we shot him in the neck
  Made his body cold left from red and wet
  Body curved up like a cornrow
  Police on the set, I'm a vet from the North - North
  Pack a rusty tec in the Lex' plus a sawed-off
  Hard makin' money when you watching for the ro-bbe-rers
  Narcotics and these hoodrats - nut go-ba-lers
  They'd take a shot at 'cha, put you in tha hospita'
  Leave you left fa dead, and they tell ya I'ma halla at ya
  [Crunchy Blac]
  Here I go again, try'na keep my mothafuckin' ass thin
  Niggaz halla friends, but they fake friends
  I'ma nigga halla "mothafuck friends"
  Torn up in my mothafuckin' right hand
  I'ma 'bouta go and fuckin' rob a man
  Just so I can keep my fuckin' family fed
  Fuck what'cha heard this is what I said
  Bust out some shots at ya fuckin' head
  I'ma meet you pockin' bitches, whoppin' niggaz wit' my pistol
  In my yard they discovered, dead I'm out here out makin' missles
  This is war when you fuckin' wit' LaChat - bitch y'aint know
  Get 'cho posee out becuz we comin' 20 deep hoe
  Didn't you need ta know that all that talk can get you fucked up
  Hoe this ain't no game - that you playing you get bucked up
  I'ont give a fuck who you is, who you in too
  You wont touch a bitch, ha who me bitch - but I'll kill you
  [Frayser Boy]
  A crooked as a barrell of snakes
  Fuck with the real not fake
  I represent the Bay - so ain't no need ta hate
  I'm counting tones and spray
  I'll blow your crean away
  This HCP don't play - won't see anotha day
  Y'kno we Hyp-notize, can see it in your eyes
  This Frayser Boy - no lie
  Inhalin' dro - so fine
  Y'kno we toppin' a poun'
  And still we stompin' your smile
  No need ta copy our styles
  What chain't been popped in a while
  [Lil' Wyte]
  No more fuckin' around by now I'm fed up
  I see your face has a frown - gatta keep your head up
  Cuz when you fuck wit' this camp - let's say you messed up
  They told you in the beginning - don't try ta test us
  The day Lil' Wyte hooked up with the 6 - the shit was all she wrote
  Y'kno these lyrics be burnin' - blisters deep in my throat
  This shit be hotter than lava laying a hault in yo saga
  Adding some Pippen ta bitches get at me weaker than water
  This is the start of a problem thats lackin' a solution
  You graduated with honors - ta sell out institution
  And this for all the rappers that got kicked up out this camp
  I stole your plate when back fa seconds - +How U Luvin' That?+
  This is my mothafuckin' posee song - Wheres Jerome?
  Instead of gettin' up out yo shit - you stayed ya ass at home
  Potential lurking fa certain - I know you feel it hurt
  If they knew bitchin' came wit' ya - you coulda kept ya verse
  Bitch doubt me now
  [Chorus 8x - (DJ Paul)]

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