Teksty piosenek / L / Lifehouse

  Am i ever gonna find out




  Cling And Clatter

  Crown of scars



  Empty space



  Fairy tails and castles


  God is my refuge

  God's lemonade


  Hanging By A Moment

  How long


  Just another name

  Just to be where you are


  Me, you and the people


  My precious

  Only One

  Out of breath


  Revolution cry

  Sick Cycle Carousel


  Sky is falling

  Somebody Else's Song

  Somewhere In Between



  Stanley climbfall


  Take me away

  Take me higher

  Take the weight of the world

  The beginning

  The edge




  Waiting on the sun


  What's wrong with that

  Winds of change


  You belong to me

  You can shake the mountains

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