Teksty piosenek / L / Liberty X

  Before it's goodbye

  Being Nobody


  Close your eyes

  Doin' It

  Dream About It

  Everybody cries



  Feel the rush


  Get with you

  Good love

  Got to have your love


  Holding On For You

  I Got What You Want

  I just wanna

  I'll be remembering


  It helps


  Just A Little

  Just a little bit

  Let go

  Let's Get Working


  Meant To Be

  Never Give Up

  Never Meant To Say Goodbye

  No Clouds

  Practice what you preach

  Right Here Right Now


  Shut up and dance

  So alive

  Story of my life

  Take me home

  The last goodbye

  The poet

  Thinking It Over

  Wanting Me Tonight

  Watcha doin tonight

  Where do we go from here

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