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Level 42 - True believers

Tekst piosenki:

   Stuck inside my harvard box
  behind the door the bauhaus locked
  I'm wrestling with a new ideal
  I'm working out the way I feel
  I just came back from Cultureburg
  where I tried to learn the painted word
  people there were so convinced
  it's kept me thinking ever since
  crazy, but true
  I want to believe like you
  "come with me", the teacher said
  "no side-to-side, look straight ahead
  'cause if you want true confidence
  you'd best forget your common sense.
  go find yourself a point of view
  and if you need some help to choose
  just dance the dance named after me
  if you believe then you will see"
  crazy, but true
  now I believe in you
  there was a time
  when we could make head nor tail of the story
  now it's sublime
  and we're not afraid anymore
  'cause we're all
  true believers
  so tell me it's true
  I want to believe in you
  crazy, but true
  I want to believe in you
  blind faith makes such strange demands
  sometimes a think I'll never understand
  answers on a postcard, please
  I'd like to know what you believe
  true believers ...
  are you
  a true believer
  (I wanna believe in you)

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