Teksty piosenek / L / Level 42 / Seven days

Level 42 - Seven days

Tekst piosenki:

   She was so young and so afraid
  of a world she could not understand
  for seven days I held her close
  like a child in the palm of my hand
  there were
  seven tears
  to wipe away
  seven fears
  to keep at bay
  seven words
  for me to say
  in seven days
  the strands of wisdom twist and curl
  soft flame in the warmth of my heart
  oh essential words that lightly fall
  like snow thru the mist of her thought
  the gentle rain of innocence
  that flows from her ebony eyes
  another secret moment shared
  to be part of the rest of our lives
  there were
  seven dreams
  to live for real
  seven streams
  of hope revealed
  seven ways
  of love to feel
  in seven days
  we are the only ones who know
  her smile was poetry
  her soul she showed it to me
  the dawning of the seventh day
  saw her shine like the radiant skies
  I knew that she would leave me then
  bright hope in her ebony eyes
  (and now) I watch her dance before the world
  soft flame in the movements she makes
  and all those secret moments shared
  stay warm in my thoughts everyday
  seven tears
  wiped away
  seven fears
  kept at bay
  seven words
  you heard me say
  seven dreams
  to live and play
  seven streams
  of hope revealed
  seven waves
  of love we feel
  seven days
  memory of seven days

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