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Lene - We wanna party

Tekst piosenki:

   My dedication is to my art
  No education will buy my car
  Too much temptation and help too far away
  We dress in black, we won’t be light
  We’re so depressed, we wear our shades at night
  Without the stress, we just might fade away
  We wanna party but we got no soul
  We wanna start it, blow our senses out of control
  We wanna make it but we got no way
  We’re gonna hate it but we might just fake it today
  We wanna party but we have no love
  Disillusioned with my dreams
  Got life confused with my designer jeans
  Hey what’s the use, with hope too far away
  We’re on the list, in every line
  We’re anarchists if we can get the time
  Without the shit, we might just fade away

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