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Lene - Play with me

Tekst piosenki:

   It’s hot in here
  Take off your fears
  I am gonna take the lead boy follow me
  Mood sets in
  Grooves locked in
  I don’t wanna be tame now come with me
  (Let me tell you how it is)
  Straight up street level
  I am no role model
  You don’t have to tame me home
  We can do it right here
  I’ll bring the toys, so come on
  Why don’t you take me head on
  Play with me
  Let’s talk positions
  Let’s turn the lights on so you can
  Play with me
  Are you scared, hold my stare
  It’s not against the law boy be tempted
  Hang with me
  And let it be
  I’ll take u on the trip you never had
  I admire you resistance
  Let me try again
  Change your mind don’t by shy, boy let me try again
  Try me out take a test drive let me try again

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