Teksty piosenek / L / Lene / Doing it to ya

Lene - Doing it to ya

Tekst piosenki:

   Well there was a time
  that time when you were mine
  it was fun but they all said
  “too young too young”
  & I was alone
  Don’t sit right for the phone
  You didn’t call
  Your dissed
  I didn’t wait for you
  You didn’t see us together
  But I saw forever
  And now
  what your doing to find me
  I know Your tryin to remind me
  How low
  I’ll feel without you but from the get go
  I’m doing it to
  I’m doing it to you
  I’m doing it to you
  I’m doing it to you
  Now I’m on the line
  connected to your crime in the sun
  I heard she is a big fan, good tan
  And you made me feel
  I never knew the deal
  you told me from day one that I was
  too young, too young

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